Physiology, Exercise and Nutrition

Our work

Our research spans the spectrum from healthy active individuals to clinical populations across all sections of the lifespan. The facilities and expertise within the team allow us to address fundamental and applied research questions at the cellular/molecular level using cell culture models through to molecular and enzymatic analysis of tissue samples obtained using tissue biopsy techniques, or genetic and epigenetic analyses from tissue or blood samples, as well as whole body human physiological measurements of cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and metabolic function using a variety of techniques. The work of the group is centred on two key areas:

  1. Developing a greater understanding of muscle physiology and function in health and disease throughout the life course.

  2. Developing a greater understanding of the impact of nutrition and exercise on health and sport performance.

Our team

The Physiology, Exercise and Nutrition Research Group is led by Stuart Galloway whose research focuses on the regulation of fluid balance, and the impact of nutritional and exercise stimuli on carbohydrate and fat metabolism in human skeletal muscle.

Members of the research team

Dr Stuart Galloway 
Head of Sport; whose research focuses regulation of fluid balance and on the impact of nutritional and exercise stimuli on carbohydrate and fat metabolism in human skeletal muscle.

Dr Angus Hunter
Whose work focuses on neuromuscular control in clinical and athletic populations.

Dr Colin Moran 
Director of Laboratories; who aims to understand how genetic, epigenetic and environmental variations interact and contribute to the development of ageing related diseases (such as dementia), metabolic disease, exercise capacity and athletic ability in humans.

Dr Naomi Brooks 
Investigates satellite cells (muscle stem cells) and molecular pathways (such as myostatin) in various conditions of muscle atrophy.

Dr Thomas Di Virgilio
Neuromuscular control, brain-to-muscle pathways, concussion and subconcussion

Dr Nidia Rodrigues
Hydration, nutrition for health and athletic performance, metabolism, body composition, physical activity and exercise.

Dr Lewis McGregor
Neuromuscular physiology and motor control

Dr Gemma Ryde
Health, wellness and fitness

Dr Iain Gallagher
Uses high throughput technology to examine mRNA and microRNA changes in a variety of biological contexts spanning pathology, development and immunology.

Dr Oliver Witard 
Focuses on the adaptive response of human skeletal muscle to exercise and nutrition, in particular, protein feeding.

Dr Jenni Connelly
Focuses on physical activity in control of metabolic diseases.

Dr Niels Vollaard 
Has an interest in the health benefits of exercise in general and of the effects of high-intensity interval training (HIT) in particular.

We have extensive research facilities available to the group and the team is supported by two technical staff, one with expertise in analytical chemistry (Gillian Dreczkowski), and one with measurement science and data processing (Chris Grigson). Our group currently has two research assistants and twenty postgraduate research students (MPhil/PhD).

Contact the group lead

Stuart Galloway