An artist's impression of how Campus Central will look when completed


The Campus Central project is one of the University’s biggest infrastructure investments since our foundation, designed with input from the Students’ Union, staff and local stakeholders. The £21.7 million project will see the refurbishment of the existing Atrium; the creation of a new three-storey building at the heart of the campus; and a landscaped, pedestrian-friendly Queen’s Court offering students, staff and visitors a host of new study and social spaces.

Building work on Campus Central is due to be complete in academic year 2020/21, along with a concurrent development project to build an iconic new sports centre at the University. 

What we're developing

The £21.7 million Campus Central project will see the creation of:

Campus Central artists impression

Transforming the campus

Campus Central will significantly enhance the student experience at Stirling – delivering facilities that match our ambitions for the future and maximising the impact of our stunning surroundings. 

Construction impact and timeline FAQs

The Campus Central project started on site on 29th April 2019, with the Atrium refurbishment due to be completed by the contractor at the end of February and the remainder of the project (new extension and external works) due to be complete in academic year 2020/21. Find out more about the works with our FAQs below.

Why is the University investing in this project?

We’ve listened to feedback from our staff and students. The Campus Central project responds to requests for enhanced services and improved teaching and learning, research and social spaces. The investment will transform the centre of our campus, creating a clear heart to connect our current student and staff communities, facilities and Macrobert Arts Centre, and deliver a host of new and improved facilities – all of which will significantly enhance and improve the student experience at Stirling. The development has already delivered the new bus hub facility and will include a refurbished and revitalised Atrium, along with a three-storey extension, which will more than double the space currently available, adding 3,000m2 of additional floor space, together with a pedestrianised and landscaped Queen’s Court. It is essential that the University has facilities that match our ambitions for the future, and new spaces for education, learning, research, retail and catering are key to helping us meet the changing needs of our University community.


What is the environmental impact of the development?

The development will enhance and maximise the impact of the University’s natural surroundings, with Queen’s Court pedestrianised, re-landscaped and available for events. The University has taken every precaution to ensure there is minimal impact on the environment during the development. In line with relevant regulations, a number of surveys looking at flora and fauna were carried out prior to work starting. Barriers will also be erected to protect trees at Queen’s Court throughout the build.


When will the construction works commence and when will Campus Central be open?

Construction company Robertson Group started to prepare the Campus Central site on 29 April 2019, and commenced major work on 1 July. Phase 1, comprising the Atrium refurbishment, will be complete by March 2020. Upon completion of phase 2, which comprises the three-storey extension, Campus Central is planned to open in academic year 2020/21.


Can I see a model of the Campus Central building?

Yes, a model of the proposed Campus Central building and external landscaping is available to view on level 2 of the Library.

What disruption will students, staff and visitors to the campus face?

Campus Central works started on 29 April 2019. Inevitably, there will be some noise and disruption as the major works progress, but we’re working closely with all our stakeholders and contractors to ensure that we are able to mitigate this impact. The latest information and regular updates about the project will be posted on this web page.

How will access be impacted during the planned works?

The construction site is clearly separated behind fencing and hoardings. Access has been fully considered and alternative routes provided and signposted throughout the period of the construction works.


Will I be able to access the shops, cafes and food outlets during the period of the construction works?

Stir Café and Market Street have closed for the works. The new catering provision will open again in early 2020. Staff and students will still be able to access all other shops, cafes and food outlets. Details of re-opening dates will be published later in the year. For a full list of places to eat and drink please visit the Eating and Drinking guide on the University’s website.


How will I access Macrobert Arts Centre, Atrium, Library and the Students’ Union?

A temporary and accessible entrance via Haldane’s Restaurant is now in use. Throughout the period of works the Students’ Union can continue to be accessed through both the entrance off the Atrium and via the path leading from the loch bridge.


I noticed that there are short duration closures of some spaces during works?

Yes, during the course of the works there is a need for short duration closures to spaces where the works cross over with the occupied spaces in the Atrium and Macrobert. When these short duration works are required, advance notice of these works will be communicated. The University has also worked with the contractor to ensure that as much of this work as possible is done overnight or at weekends.


How will I access Macrobert Arts Centre, Atrium, Library and the Students’ Union?

A temporary and accessible entrance via Haldane’s Restaurant is now in use. Throughout the period of works the Students’ Union can continue to be accessed through both the entrance off the Atrium and via the path leading from the loch bridge.


Can I still access student support services during the build?

Yes – Student Support Services will be operating as usual throughout the project in their normal locations. To find out more about the services available, opening times and contact details, please visit the Student Support Services webpage. Student Support Services will move to the new Campus Central facilities when the construction works are completed.


Will I still be able to access the prayer facilities?

Alternative provision will be made available from Monday 1 July until early 2020. Check this page for regular updates.


Will parking be affected?

There will be no reduction in parking during the build and all car parks will remain open. Five, new accessible parking bays are provided opposite the temporary drop-off point, which has been created adjacent the walkway to the new Macroberts Arts Centre entrance.


Will there be a vehicle drop-off for those accessing the Macrobert Arts Centre and the Atrium?

Yes, there will be a temporary drop-off and turning area on East Link Road, around 50m from the temporary entrance to Macrobert Arts Centre.


Will I still be able to access the bike racks outside the Atrium?

The existing bike racks which sit underneath the pedestrian bridge between the Atrium and the Cottrell Building, to the right-hand side of the entrance to the Atrium, will be unavailable during the work. Replacement and additional bike racks have been provided and positioned alongside the existing bike racks on the Cottrell side of Queen’s Court.


Will I still be able to access the archives and special collections during the period of the construction works?

The archives reading room has moved to a temporary location in the S corridor of the University Library, for the duration of the Campus Central project building works. The new location opened to researchers on Monday 1 July. Staff at the library reception desk can direct you to the new reading room.


Where are accessible toilets located?

Accessible toilets are provided in all our main buildings on campus. Within the Campus Central development our library has accessible toilets on all levels, additionally the Students’ Union has an accessible toilet next to the Studio bar and also at Macrobert Arts Centre an accessible toilet is located at the Haldane's entrance.

Will I still be able to access the Library and the Study Zone during the work?

The Library is open as usual throughout the works period. Access to the Library is via the main entrance off the Atrium.

The University has invested significantly in the Library over the summer, providing nearly 180 additional study spaces in the library. This investment has been made in response to student and staff feedback and represents a 25% increase in study space in our Library, taking us from 746 seats to 922, all delivered for the start of semester. Each floor has additional spaces, so students can find extra seating in silent study on level 4, quiet on level 3 and social on level 2. We've added a mixture of types of study space, including individual study booths, study tables, sofas, and state-of-the-art group study tables with wireless displays for students to collaborate on. Almost all of the study booths and tables have a range of power outputs for students to use, including three pin sockets, USB and USB-C sockets.

Whilst the Study Zone will be unavailable during the first phase of the work a variety of study space with computers is available across campus for students, including 2Y5. Further information is available here. When the Study Zone is returned in the new year, it will have enhanced study facilities with more study spaces and new furniture/layout.


Will Library opening hours be affected?

No – the Library will remain open throughout the project. Opening times can be found here.  


How can I return library books throughout the building period?

The Library has in place a temporary book drop outside the Library front door when it is closed.


Will Wi-Fi be available in the Library and Atrium throughout the works?

The Library will provide a full Wi-Fi service, as at present. The service in the Atrium may be affected during different phases of the work.

Who can we contact with questions about the construction work?

We welcome your feedback: please contact the University’s Estates team, by emailing:


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