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HR Excellence in Research Award

Stirling achieved the HR Excellence in Research Award in 2011. This is a UK-wide process, incorporating the QAA Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes and the Researcher Development Concordat.

It enables institutions to gain the European Commission's 'HR Excellence in Research' badge, acknowledging alignment with the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for their Recruitment.

We were made the award on the basis of our plan for the development of resources, structures, systems and training to support researchers.

In September 2019 we submitted our 8-year report, a new action plan, and an update on our previous action plan. See the documents below:

Our previous action plans and report documents are available here:

We welcome feedback on our support for researchers at any time. Please contact with any comments or queries.

Further information about the award is available from the European Commission or for information about its operation in the UK visit the Vitae website. You can download a copy of the 2019 Researcher Development Concordat